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Breeding and Breeders

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  1. UK dobermans. Co. UK and Darko Belic BEWARE
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  5. Young Adult
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  8. I just feel so defeated
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  11. A Reputable Breeder in BC or Alberta, Canada.
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  15. Needing just a little more guidance
  16. Multiple Females in the house
  17. Like Everyone Else, Looking For A Breeder
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  19. Puppy Photos!
  20. Reputable European Doberman breeders in CA, OR, WA, AR
  21. Russian Wizard Ost Revolution kennel
  22. Looking for All Natural Doberman Puppy
  23. Cresswell vs. Ultrasound
  24. Kalora Dobermans (NY)
  25. Schohaus Doberman
  26. Questions about Judy Bingham (Electra)
  27. Mav will be breeding soon
  28. Looking for NC/VA/MD/EASTERN SHORE Breeder
  29. Looking for NW Breeder
  30. Looking for advice/information
  31. Beware monica blue / crestline dobermans
  32. Looking for extra ways to make money with my Doberman
  33. Am I being too optimistic?
  34. Looking for Advice...
  35. All natural litter in rescue - MN
  36. Responsibility of Breeders in the Ethical Breeding of Dogs- NEED HELP FOR RESEARCH PR
  37. Sharjet Dobes
  38. Advice needed for known reputable European Doberman breeders
  39. Need help
  40. Wishing Well Dobermans
  41. Stud ????
  42. Nomad Dobermans
  43. Can anyone recommend breeders & type of Dobite I should consider?
  44. Import
  45. Reputable Euro Doberman Breeders
  46. Breeder Referral
  47. Looking for a reputable breeder of European Dobermanns
  48. Evahart Dobermans? Help!
  49. RM Dobermans
  50. Working dog vs show dog temperament
  51. Texas breeders
  52. Reputable Breeders Near Boise, ID
  53. Texas breeder recommendation - uncropped ears
  54. caveat emptor
  55. Breeder recommendations, I have not a clue
  56. Suribachi Dobermans
  57. Reputable Breeders around Missouri
  58. Looking for Male Black and Rust for Working/Protection
  59. Sad sad loss
  60. Help in finding CO breeder
  61. Breeding/Culling: Decision-making on Health
  62. Breeder information CA
  63. Breeders in Europe
  64. Is this breeder seem reputable? Info writhing (makkr ridge dobermans)
  65. Nubia Dobermans?
  66. Looking for a reputable breeder
  67. Look for reviews/ recommendation
  68. Hello from central Iowa!
  69. I'm Dobermanless and not liking it!
  70. 2019 Planned Litters
  71. Looking for working line Euro breeder/s in/around Pennsylvania.
  72. In Early Stages of Breeder Research
  73. RM Dobermans
  74. Need some help finding my next girl
  75. "Champion Lines" and other red flags
  76. Current Dobie Owner needing European Breeder in midwest
  77. Puppy Questionnaire Response Time
  78. Desert Dobermans
  79. Reading a Pedigree/Researching bloodlines
  80. Doberman Breeder in Connecticut, Eastern New York or Southern New England
  81. Recommended Breeders in Texas
  82. Looking for a family member
  83. Newbie Health testing question
  84. European breeders? Import to UK/Ireland?
  85. Azuos Dobermans in MA?
  86. Searching
  87. Born w Natural Bob Tail
  88. opinions on breeder from indiana "dream-catcher doberman"
  89. West Coast Dobermans San Jose, CA
  90. Looking for reputable breeders in or around KY
  91. Reputable Breeders in New York
  92. Mystikos Doberman - anyone familiar?
  93. Pedigree question: Von Rein
  94. Breeders?
  95. california doberman breeders?
  96. Male Doberman for breeding
  97. Breeder recomendations
  98. Avoid Braveheart Dobermans, NY, Lucy Jakubowski
  99. Breeder contract question
  100. Any experience with Granite Gables (OR)?
  101. Experiences/Feedback with Canis Maximus Kennel
  102. LF: Puppies Avail Aug 2018 Near Ottawa, Ontario
  103. Wyldwood Kennels
  104. Researching breeders in Missouri
  105. Bad Breeder-Columbia-Louisville Kentucky
  106. Fame x Irish Puppies....
  107. Help!! Has anyone had any experience with K-Ley Doberman!?!
  108. Looking for reputable breeder
  109. New member puppy search!
  110. Where's the best place to start researching Dobermans?
  111. Does this breeder seem reputable?
  112. Reputable breeders near Spokane, Wa
  113. breeders
  114. Need opinion on this European Breeder/Litter
  115. How do you find a responsible breeder?
  116. Need help choosing bewteen 2 breeders!
  117. ISO German born pup with titled parents
  118. Looking for a Breeder in the Houston/Austin Texas Area
  119. I need of a Recommended Breeder New York (NY)
  120. Mis informatuon
  121. Don't buy a puppy from Lori Hoover/Hoover Acres
  122. Verification of Old Drums E Mail ?
  123. Looking for breeder in Canada / Northern U.S.
  124. Advice, please (Responsible Breeder Search)
  125. european breeder California
  126. Super frustrated!
  127. Looking for red male puppy in Texas
  128. Searching for a reputable breeder - Charlotte NC
  129. breeder quesiton
  130. Looking for breeder
  131. Looking for a new family member in Mass.
  132. Pricing Puppies
  133. MOA vs Windsong
  134. Ready to Grow the fam and add a Black male
  135. should I trust this breeder???
  136. Pedigree Research-- looking for a pup-- where to start?
  137. Fame x Irish Puppies have arrived!
  138. Looking for Breeder
  139. Located in Iowa, looking for breeders in surrounding states
  140. What to feed my doberman to make his body muscled up and coat shine
  141. Brandon Mississippi Looking for AKC Doberman
  142. 2018 Working Puppy Litter
  143. Hii
  144. How do I start researching breeders?
  145. Contacting Breeders
  146. New Mother, Help !
  147. Looking for a specific blood line/Pedigree
  148. Looking for a Dobe :-)
  149. Doberman
  150. Itís been a long time!
  151. Female doberman 10 months old and 17days
  152. Litter Announcement!
  153. Stellar Dobermans
  154. Karlee Dobermans?
  155. Monaco Doberman-Molly King
  156. Whited K9 Issue
  157. Looking for a non-working family dog
  158. Did you get your Doberman in Texas?
  159. New to forum- need help
  160. What are you paying for?
  161. Wanting a European Doberman
  162. NJ Breeder
  163. MOA Dobermans
  164. May/June Puppy Wanted
  165. Dobermans in Colorado
  166. Need help finding my next black male Dobe
  167. Uk dobermans
  168. Breeders Near Sacramento?
  169. Breeder Contact Info
  170. Breeders in Northern California?
  171. Breeder Experiences/recommendations in SoCal, NV or AZ
  172. looking for a male puppy in the Sacramento CA area
  173. saxbell kennel ?
  174. Looking for a European Doberman Breeder
  175. ISO Reputable Breeders in VA
  176. Seeking a Reputable Breeder in Virginia
  177. dobe wanted
  178. Guide dog
  179. Guide dog
  180. warning for breeders and buyers alike
  181. Looking for a black rust male from european line and a reputable breeder near toronto
  182. Have a gorgeous red male that I want to breed
  183. Looking for female puppy in FL (but will travel within a few states)
  184. Lyndobe questions
  185. Good breeder closest to Minneapolis, MN
  186. Any opinions on Gold Grove in Monroe, NC?
  187. looking for a breeder near ottawa canada
  188. Kimbertal
  189. Florida Breeders
  190. Looking for breeder within 2 hours of Louisville, Ky
  191. Puppy question
  192. Pipe Creek Dobermans: Indiana Pedigree Question
  193. Why do puppies from good breeders cost so much?
  194. Dcm
  195. Seeking a breeder in the Tri-state area
  196. Sierradobbiefarms
  197. Breeder in New Jersey area?
  198. In need of direction to a breeder/ litter
  199. Di Casa Montenegro
  200. Seeking a Spring litter
  201. Looking for Breeders in Texas or Louisiana
  202. Anyone heard of Brutal Dragons?
  203. Charts- "Should I breed?" & comparing types of breeders
  204. Doberman Breeder Help Asia
  205. Is this a good Breeder/Pup?
  206. Reputable Breeder in California or West Coast US
  207. Mix of European and American lines
  208. Researching Working Lines and Pedigrees (Ring Sports especially)
  209. MnM Dobermans
  210. Reputable breeders in OR and WA
  211. Breeder Response Time
  212. BYB puppy
  213. Received Pedigrees, do you recognize any names?
  214. American Doberman in AZ?
  215. Looking for reputable breeder within 6 hours of Washington, DC
  216. Breeder recommendations? From Chicago.. but not opposed to travel
  217. 2 week litter
  218. Looking for Reputable Doberman Breeder Ontario, Canada
  219. European Doberman Breeders
  220. Reputable Breeders with Natural Ear Dobermans
  221. Von Rein Dobermans
  222. Are Black Dobermans calmer
  223. any leads helpful in ohio
  224. Daniel Dagle--Advanced Canines of Svetdanhaus
  225. Deb Reeves/Jo-De Kennels
  226. Registration and Health Testing documents
  227. Looking for a new pup
  228. Canis Maximus Breeder in VA
  229. Looking to find a Santa puppy. (ISO Breeder Recommendations)
  230. Euro Doberman Litters near California
  231. Update on Electra-Judy Bingham, in CA
  232. Finding a breeder
  233. breeder inquiry
  234. Pro Handler Neeeded for Lebanon, IN Shows
  235. Remember Imperial K9 in Suffolk, VA?
  236. Healthy Red Dobermans
  237. Recommendations Please
  238. Tail Docking w/rubber band
  239. Breeders in Florida
  240. Any PNW breeders with available dogs/upcoming litters?
  241. Looking for a Dobe in Southern California
  242. FoxFire Dobermans
  243. Puppy - Ohio
  244. AZ, CA, TX, NV Breeders
  245. reputable Dobe breeder anywhere in North Carolina
  246. New to site Need opinion
  247. Would you purchase from this breeder?
  248. Quality doberman breeders in Kansas
  249. Good breeder in/around Southern Ca
  250. Breeders