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• What is the daily menu for your Doberman’s diet? (Kibble, wet food, raw, home cooking, etc) and what made you decide to feed this way? Have you fed any other foods prior to your current menu?

Right now I am going on the second week of feeding King Canidae. The Main reason that i chose this food is because i see that so many of you posted that you are using this food, and its one of the few i havent tried yet. I have literally had king on almost all "commercial" foods, and just recently started trying the natural type foods such as wolfking and timberwolf organics. GBoth of those left king with flakey skin, so i moved on.
The canidae is actually the best food i have ever put king on. Not only is his stomach gurgling gone, he is a lot less gassy, his coat is more shiny, and he seems to be full longer.

• How many times a day do you feed them and how much?

I feed King 1 cup, 3 times a day.

• Do you give treats? If so, what kind? How many/often do they get treats each day?

King gets all sorts of treats. Not just from me, from people who literally buy treats for him because they like him. There are so many different kinds that i give him, it would take forever to list them.

• Do you add any supplements to your Doberman’s diet? If so, which ones do you give? What made you decide to add supplements?

I dont add any suppliments at the moment. Once his health problems are dealth with, i will look into it.

• If you feed a super-premium dog food, what made you decide to switch to it? Where did you learn about the super-premium dog food? (word of mouth, internet, friends, vet, etc)

I heard about the food from here actually. The reason i switched was because there were wuite a few posts in this thread with people using canidae, and i hadnt tried it yet, so i thought i would give it a worl. My vet actually advised me not to...probably because he wants me to spend the $120 a bag at his store rather than less than half for a better food at the pet store.
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