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Originally Posted by VZ-Doberman View Post
If you have a "large" dog that lands deep and then needs a stride or two to collect himself a tight or choppy course is hard on them. They have to cut down on the speed and put more strain on their bodies to make the turns. I haven't been doing agility very long but I think small dogs have an advantage. I would like to see:

The contact zones painted different colors and sizes for different size dogs. The way it is now It's hard for a small dog not to make the contact.
Ha Ha Ha. I would beg to differ with you, it has nothing to do with the size of the dog. Any size dog that obediently runs along with its handler always has an advantage. I will agree it is usually the small dogs you see doing this, but there are also larger ones too.

I run a Boston Terrier. He always runs at least 3 obstacles ahead of me (he is fast and I am old and slow) and has running contacts except for the teeter which I had to retrain to a four on, because of fly offs which kept resulting in Fs. I have been unsuccessful getting him to slow down on the other contacts. He always has air over the A-frame and if I do not tell him "bottom" in a timely manner, he can fly off the A-frame far above the contact. The dog walk can be even worse.

My first agility dog was a Dobe and right now this little dog. I would much rather run a Dobe, even a fast one, than a small fast dog. Dobes can be so proficient at doing the 2o2o contacts. In my opinion, with proper foundation there should be no difference with any size dog getting their contacts. My BT is trained to run all the way down the obstacle straight to the floor. Are there times he gets air bound, yes, especially if a tunnel is looming as the next obstacle.

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