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Originally Posted by Jonesy'sMom View Post
We do use the target plate, and it has been helping slow his butt down, I'd say I use the plate probably every other time... However the plate I think is what causes his butt to go to the side... So maybe placing the target out further would help....

He will take a jump without me standing next to him... Like in an "out" or even a rear cross he has no problems with me being out of site... the problem comes on finishing I'd say... Most of the courses we have come across so far have been finishing on 2 jumps... He will take the first jump, but then I say "Go Jump" and he looks at me like really? and then waits for me to catch up and then take the jump...

I am not sure if he is unsure of the command yet, or really isn't wanting to take the jump without me...

In training I'd say I have a tendency to run right next to him, minus sending him or leading out...

We only have access to Agility course once a week for 3 hours... And one of these days I will have a yard... I've been thinking I might make my own couple of jumps and bring them to the local dog park...
Yes, play with moving the target plate around. Also I would not trial until he is 100% without the target plate. I use pringles lids (thank you hubby for loving chips!) And I cut them smaller and smaller to fade them. Play around with it and measure it with your feet when you get the right spot. Then set it at the same spot each time.

OR if you find thep late is what causes his butt to swing, quit using the plate. The plate on the Aframe causes Havoc to slam into a 2o2o hard on his shoulders so I quit using it.

For go on, I'd really try the value in a jump drill. It's made a huge difference between Gabby and my other 2. Gabby does NOT go on many times. Havoc usually always will. Flirt is still working on it. She'll do 1-2 jumps, not 3-4 yet. My instructor is having similar problems with her novice dog and her trainer (world team trainer) had her go back to building value in the jump.

I got a really inexpesive jump at Affordable Agility.

You guys are doing GREAT in training especially for the time you've been training.

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