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Originally Posted by Jonesy'sMom View Post
We have been working diligently on his 2o2o and he still likes to jump off sometimes, but is much better then he was, I really need to get him to hold his 2o2o longer (he likes to swing his butt, any suggestions?)
I might go back to using a target plate if you did. Go back a few steps.

For swinging his butt, do you reward with the hand closest to the dog? Can you set a plank up next to something like a wall and 'crowd' him?

If I have a high value toy, 25% of the time Flirt comes off crooked. Now that she knows 2o2o I do not reward crooked 2o2o. I say ok release and we try again.

For "go on" does he know to go take a jump without you? This is the first exercise we do in foundation with a piece of equipment. It's called building value in a jump.

I also use my Treat N Train/Manners Minder" for distance. Start at 1 jump, send. Go back 1.5 jumps. Then 2 jumps, then 3 jumps. Here is a sending exercise, however notice Havoc jumps back OVER the jump on the way back. not good

When you do your training do you run with, send and call over at each step of the training plan? So you are not always running with the dog?

Also do you have a physical command for go on or out? I use my arm and hold it out. I shouldn't have to but often my dogs won't go on and saty "going on" unless my arm is out. If I drop it, they come back in.

Edited to add - Sorry I see you've been trying sending him. I would continue. Can you do it at home ay 5-8 small sessions a week? I also think building value in a jump would help tremendously for going on. He learns to take what is in front of him.

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