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Originally Posted by the_discowhore View Post
We don't even have tables as an obstacle in NZ any more! We do have cross overs though, which I don't think yous have?

Never seen a cross over if that is an obstacle...

When you say he is swinging his butt doing 2o2o, what do you mean? Are his back legs coming off and going onto the ground? Is it on all contacts he is doing this?

Yes and yes (minus teeter, because we don't do a 2o2o on that)

For teaching "go", I would teach him to go to a target (a toy, or a lid of something with a treat sitting on it perhaps), and slowly add in obstacles before it... start off on the flat and send him just a few metres, then up the distance, then add obstacles

Tried this... he will "Go" as long as it is not in the middle of a run... if it's during a run, he is glued to me... We've been trying to toss a toy for him to go for, and it has about a 50/50 chance of working

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