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Originally Posted by alwayshadpets View Post
This is the hardest opening sequence I have ever had in a Jumpers course. (this past weekend)Thought I would share it with everyone.
WOW What a course! I am lost, and I didn't even run it...

My first contribution to this thread...
FINALLY got Jonesy's Paperwork all together for AKC/ILP(PAL) so it should go into the mail tomorrow (when I can get a stamp)

I am fairly new to this Agility thing still, and constantly learning new things... I still haven't got all the words down, and I can't believe that me and Jones have only been doing this for a little under a year (I think it will be a year in 2 months)...

To sum up Jones over the past year...
Our first trial was a "see where he is standing type thing"... He was really distracted with all the new sights and sounds, and didn't really do that well (actually didn't Q at all) With more practice and patience he can now run courses without even thinking about the crowd...

His second trial went much better gaining his first title (in ASCA) and I think you would call it a leg and a half? Someone correct me... he earned 15 pts for another title (takes 30pts) What messed him up is his contacts...

We have been working diligently on his 2o2o and he still likes to jump off sometimes, but is much better then he was, I really need to get him to hold his 2o2o longer (he likes to swing his butt, any suggestions?)

Over the past month we have been working on "Out" (obsticle away from me)and "Go" (or finish...) He's got his Out fairly well, but he doens't like to "Go" he likes to run next to me, and I know he would be so much faster if he didn't have to run right next to me...

The next thing my our trainer wants us to work on is "left" and "right"... but until Jonesy learns he doens't have to be attatched to my hip during a run I think we will be okay...

I'd like to work on his Table... I know you don't need a down or sit anymore (if I understood correctly) in AKC... but I would like Jones to get an AUTO sit... Any idea's on how to make him do that... He probably has the slowest sit in the west...

Our next Agility Trial will be in October hopefully we will do good

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