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I'm going to update Petey's diet....he has been on Raw for 7 months. He is doing fantastic! Huge muscled boy, full of energy, perfect white teeth, sweet smelling breath and coat. Very happy with the diet.

• What is the daily menu for your Doberman’s diet? Petey is fed Raw, Beef, lamb, pork, chicken, turkey, fish, venison, rabbit, organ meats, and extras like hearts, fresh pig ears, hoaves and what made you decide to feed this way? Tons of research after losing two dogs to cancer and epilepsy. Have you fed any other foods prior to your current menu? We tried 3 types of kibbles and Petey has IBS....he would have cronic loose poops and gas.
• How many times a day do you feed them and how much? Petey at one year old is down to eating a very tiny amount in the AM and his big meal at night...about 2-4 pounds a food a day.
• Do you give treats? Yes lots. If so, what kind? I use natural treats for training, no junk in them, hot dogs, jerkys, and tiny store bought biscuits and soft treats. He also gets snacks of fresh marrow bones, pigs ears and cow hooves. How many/often do they get treats each day? All day long.
• Do you add any supplements to your Doberman’s diet? Yes If so, which ones do you give? Fish oil and vitamin E. What made you decide to add supplements? Be sure he has enough oil to have a good coat.
• If you feed a super-premium dog food, what made you decide to switch to it? Where did you learn about the super-premium dog food? (word of mouth, internet, friends, vet, etc) I tried the top brands....nothing helped the boys IBS issues. His bowels only became normal after switching to raw.

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