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Thank you for all of the advice guys, it is much appreciated =) I dont so much plan to get into the competitive spirit of the ring, but I loved it as a kid, was a nice way to spend a weekend. I plan to do just local shows for fun, nothing huge. I would love to get back into agility too, will be a different change of pace (I did agility with Bostons) but I would love to get back there when Bristol gets older. We also got some great news today... (semi off topic for a minute) the offer of a land contract was accepted on the home that we have been renting (YES, there is a landlord that will allow not only a staffordshire terrier but also a doberman... how lucky was I?) which means we will be getting Bristol a friend as well. This time I will take my time to look into a breeder that has better ethics and pride in their litters.
***BTW, the breeder we opted for was recommended by a family member (they are in TN and I am in NY) who swore up and down they were an awesome breeder, be it that its a family member we took their word. They I dont believe purposely steered us wrong but... ***

Now, back to Mrs. Bristol, I will continue to work with her, she may not be show potential afterall (I cant really make this judgement quite yet) but if nothing else I do think my daughter (8) will have a lot of fun doing 4H shows with her, and maybe, just maybe she will have a great crop job and flourish into a beautiful show candidate?!

So, to sum up a long post. Thank you all, I never expected to have so much helpful advice

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