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Originally Posted by Race_to_the_chase View Post
I agreed as well that she was young, the breeder told us the mother was refusing to feed the pups. I do know they are spaying her after this litter as it is a repeat incident (4 weeks into the last litter she stopped feeding) she has been doing good on puppy chow thus far and seems to be thriving well, she will be 7 weeks tomorrow and hopefully this wont be a major set back to her (leaving her Mom so young) our pitbull has taken on the mother/father role quite well and seems to be "comforting" her if you will, I wasnt sure how he would do (he's almost 9 years old now) but seems to know what he needs to do. Animals instinct is pretty amazing
So because the bitch would not feed them anymore they had to go?? This does not sound like a very good breeder!! I totally wean puppies by 5 weeks of age but they don't go home till after they are cropped at 8 weeks of age. Most bitches are getting sick of feeding puppies by the time they are 4 to 5 weeks old - can't blame them. Good food is expensive, but you don't push them out the door at 6 weeks!! They still need the time with their siblings and mother to teach them SOOOOO much.

I'd like to know who the breeder is!

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