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Originally Posted by Darkevs View Post
1 year old today!!!!!!! Well Happy Birthday Liberty!!!

Big Birthday Hugz to a very pretty DoberGirl!!

that front is not that straight, shoulder could be set back a wee bit further, set under not bad.

that tail is not set gaily ( a tail that is held horizontally level with the back. )
, heehee, she holds it up like the proud girl she is. If it was docked one joint shorter and not one of those tails that curves up, it would look more like the normal tail set it is!

I believe she has more than just a fighting chance in the conformation ring right now. Especially with a 'seasoned' handler on her!

She is a nice bitch! With a lot of very nice qualities.

Hugz to Liberty and Nietzsche!
Thank you! I guess her tail just looks a bit gay to me because she really curls that thing up sometimes. You're totally right though. If it were 1 vertebre shorter, I bet it would look like the nice tailset that it is.

Originally Posted by Jennie ATX View Post
I know very little of conformation but I was going to say the same thing as Darkevs, her shoulder may be a tiny bit forward but I definitely wouldn't say her front is straight. She has a nice moderate amount of forechest, I like that. I think her tail set is quite nice and she doesn't look long to me either, my eye naturally goes to the loin for whatever reason and I like her loin, looks nice and short to me. She is very pretty and my inexperienced self definitely thinks you have a fighting chance. Are you going to show her yourself?

Does she always have that bump kind of over her loin on her back? Gives her topline character

Happy birthday Liberty!
I'm a total novice when it comes to handling, but I think I'm going to try to single her out myself. If it seems like I'm really holding her back, then I'll have someone with a bit more... uhm... finesse run her around the ring.

She looked really straight in the front when she was ~5-9 months old, and I know that normally doesn't improve with age, but I kind of think it has in her case. She didn't look super straight as a teeny pup either.

That bump on her topline goes away when she's stacked properly. She never really free stacks with her legs far enough behind her when she's just out running around. Stacking her rotates her pelvis just enough that her topline flattens out.

I really like her head and dark pigmented eyes. I could stare at her face all day. She really doesn't look anything like her mother in the face... or much anywhere else for that matter.

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