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How did your Doberman learn to not pull on a leash? Any particular methods did you use? Prong collar reprimand ages 4-6 months. Prior to that age, and AFTER neutering we used the 'stop the walk' method if he pulled. It's very boring, and patience is vital.

At what age did you start to see any improvements? How often do they need reminders? He was a terror between 4 and 6 months. Everything seemed it was a battle for supremacy. After neutering life improved greatly He was totally turned around, and reliable by a year!

What type of collar and leash do you use? (prong, harness, flexi, etc) I use a 'hand' leash attached to his prong collar. When out for a walk I use his Service Vest's handle... his leash is tucked under his vest, handy in case of a distraction.

What distractions are the hardest to overcome? People he knows offer the greatest challenge - they are, still, just too hard for a puppy to ignore

Are there any particular situations that you find more difficult to walk in than others? (Large crowds, parks, other dogs around) I don't like to walk around loose dogs. Hugo is a service dog, and I object to others allowing their dogs to harrasse me OR my dog!! MANY people are very rude!!
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