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Hi my name is Jennifer and I live in NM this is my first time here. I am wanting to find more information and people to talk to about dobes. I love the breed and have done two rescues but have yet to find my dream baby. I show a Mini schnauzer AKC conformation and am finding this breed community to be a little out there as far as attitude and helpfullness. I have written to a few Dobe breeders and received no responses. I am looking for a conformation male in the future but want to fill myself with knowledge before I go that road. I was raised around large breeds and animals you wouldn't believe, yet I cannot find anyone to simply answer a few questions and direct me to a show breeder that I can talk to about the conformation of dobes. I have worked in vet clinics, rescue groups, and a human society. I am full of useless info about animals in general, most of it dogs. I have been a dog fan since I think about age 3 but who really knows lol.
Each time I go to a dog show I watch the dobes in the ring and am always awwwwed by them. They have beautiful lines and float when they move. The grace and elegance is stunning.
So there you have it lol. I am a dobe nut with no dobe lol. Hope you all have a great day and I am enjoying this site.
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