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I read through those links and realized, looking at the pictures of the pups that most did not have Kimbertals, any idea whatsoever of euro's, any resemblance to euro's instead the bred out thin headed dobes or the workings of the european canine sports - and the dogs used in those sports, and quite frankly did not have a clue as to what they were even talking about, but quick to bash a bunch of fuddy duddy armchair warriors.

One poster, named Lawman, I think in the 2nd link you provided, did have a Kimbertal, he was very accurate in virtually everything he stated. Like Lawman, I too have a Kimbertal, and agree with him, they put out some really nice dogs. I too have imported 3 from Serbia and Russia, so I speak with a little bit of experience here.

Do your own research in everything, don't let your mind be modeled by someone else's ignorance.
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