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Good for you Darabin!

Darabin, Cool, good for you. I bet your trip to Altobello was really neat! They put out some of the nicest Dobes.

I have a male from Betelges in Serbia, and two from Russia. Absolute best Dobermans you can possibly get, and would love to go visit and see the kennels, absolute gorgeous kennels, heck, I would live in some if these kennels. You're right, these kennels have fortunes invested in their stock and facilities, and thus, you get what you pay for, which is the best that you can get.

Someone in the thread said that it was a common thought that we should do it only for the dogs, this is her opinion. Not true, when you have this kind of money involved, no, it is a business and has to be run like one. I believe maybe she is thinking that breeders should breed for the betterment of the breed?

Kimbertal has been around for a long long time, they will have issues, as any breeder may encounter. Otherwise they put out some real nice pups. I know they import International Champion Studs for their own breedings. Yes, they do have a breeding program that produces larger amounts of good quality dogs. Last time I checked, this was not a bad thing, but actually good as it keeps good strong doberman bloodlines throughout their travels instead of these american lines that have been bred out.

While some may say that more of Kimbertals dogs end up in rescue, I haven't seen the science in that statement. From a personal experience standpoint, I find money being one of the best decision factors in placing pups. Any perspective puupy owner can tell you what you want to hear, and you can gather some basic information, maybe a call to their veterinarian. I find if you are breeding top quality dogs and they can afford the costs of really good bloodlines, then they can usually take care of the animal.

I know personally, I have a 15 month old Kimbertal female, she is from an International Champion of OD Telepa Kennels in Serbia. She sets a standard for others to follow in my crew of five. What most people don't realize is Kimbertals are not cheap in any way. My female I think was 3400.00. Do you really think she will end up in a rescue? Or, any of my guys? Yours? They are some serios investments, investments with it's advantages, such as being around such incredible Dobermans all the time.

I would have to say if there was any validity to the statement that Kimbertal may have more dogs in rescue, which I really question anyways, it would be due to the fact that they place a larger amount of pups, purely a numbers driven statement, every breeder will have a pup in rescue at some point.

Altobello puts out some really nice pups, some of the nicest in the world, they are a world reknown kennel at that. Kimbertal kennels has had a long standing relationship with Altobello and the use of their stud dogs.

My Russian females came from Sant Kreal Kennels in Madvay, Russia, two hundred miles inland from St. Petersburg, I would love to go and see. Outstanding Kennel to deal with too I might add.

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