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• Sleep in your bed with you? Do they sleep on top or under the covers? When did they first start sleeping in the bed? Or do they have their own bed?

Bowie sleeps in bed with me - he always has. Under or over the covers depends on the temperature - he only sleeps under covers when hes very cold or I am, and he also has his own blankets sometimes.

Willow sleeps on her double dog bed, which is next to my dog bed. It's where she chooses to sleep - she only sleeps in my bed during the day when we are not in it

• Sit/sleep on your furniture? Do they have their favorite piece of furniture? How many have leather couches? When did you first ley them sit on the furniture?

Willow doesn't sleep on the furniture because she currently doesn't have the confidence to get up - she is welcome and encouraged to get up, but she hasn't as of yet. It's her decision.

Bowie lives on the couch - I have two couches and a single seat, and he loves all three. I have one leather couch and it is by FAR my favorite and my next set will UNDOUBTEDLY be a full leather set, as I adore them! Bowie has been let on the furniture the entire time I have had him.
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