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We did kick Gracie off the bed for a few weeks. But now she is allowed to sleep with us. Only when invited now though. She is no longer allowed to get in bed when ever she wants. We have a king size bed, so with hubby, me, Gracie and 2 cats it is hard to get a good nights sleep. We just make Gracie sleep at the foot of the bed and the cats are some where on the bed. One of them is almost always next to my side.

The couch well you know. If there is a bed she is allowed on then might as well let her have the couch as well. We have leather furniture, so there really isn't to much of a problem. Except that my one cat has pretty much destroyed it for the most part. (So if anyone ever comes over, please don't look at the sides of my furnitrue) She loves the chair. It is just big enough for her to curl up in a ball and sleep the day away but also small enough for her to feel like she is in a den. Then there are weeks she loves the love seat. Like last night, she slept on the love seat all night. There are times she likes the couch, mainly when one of us or a guest is on it but she does love it none the less.

Also I would just like to say for the record. My girl is not spoiled she is very well maintained. That's my lie and I am sticking to it.

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