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Do you let your doberman……

• Sleep in your bed with you? Do they sleep on top or under the covers? When did they first start sleeping in the bed? Or do they have their own bed?

No, my bed is definitely out of bounds. If I can't get a good night's sleep, everyone in this household will suffer........

• Sit/sleep on your furniture? Do they have their favorite piece of furniture? How many have leather couches? When did you first ley them sit on the furniture?

Well, this is a tricky one. Depends whether husband is home or not!! Jeddah sits on the couch with me to watch tele, she has her butt on the couch, back legs tucked up under her, front legs on the floor. Husband finds this acceptable, as she isn't actually on the furniture??? Work that one out...... But the other night, she climbed up on the couch between us, as our particularly savage elderly cat was holding court on the coffee table which was a little too close for Jeddah's comfort. So she needed someone to protect her, hence her sneaking up on the couch. Husband saw the distress in her eyes.....LOL.....and allowed her to stay......shock oh shock.......

No leather couches, but find with the dobe coat, as Jeddah is bathed regularly she doesn't get a doggy odour.
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