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Apollo has always slept in bed with me. I crated him the first night I brought him home, but I didn't think it was fair that he would be crated at night and then also when I was gone at class and work during the day so I let him sleep in bed with me from the second night on. He usually sleeps on the covers stretched out with his head on my tummy, and sometimes I wake up with his big fat nose in my face. Sometimes I sleep on my couch cause it's comfy and it's easier for me to wake up in the morning (not a morning person at all), and on those nights he'll fall asleep on my legs and I usually end up kicking him off when I can't feel them any more. He does have a doggie bed, so sometimes he'll fall asleep on that, but when I wake up he's always on the bed.

As for the furniture, he is usually on the couch when he's not running around destroying whatever he can fit in his mouth...or whatever he can rip into pieces that can then fit in his mouth. It annoys me though because it's real suede and he slobbers all over it and it is so incredibly hard to clean...not to mention it was a bit expensive (luckily it was a housewarming gift from my parents). Unfortunately, he's always been allowed on the couch, although I'm working on moving him down onto his puppy pillow more often.
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