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Originally Posted by Kratty
Here's a fun one to see how spoiled our dobies are. My bet is that they are....

Do you let your doberman……

• Sleep in your bed with you? Do they sleep on top or under the covers? When did they first start sleeping in the bed? Or do they have their own bed?
Answer---We do not let our dogs sleep in bed with us because of several reasons--1. we have a water bed!!! One dog maybe but 4 that would mean a lake by the middle of the night. LOL
2. we have 2 cats and that is their place to sleep. The cats were with us first and they get first choice of sleeping place.
3. Duhh!! we have 4 dogs and a King size bed.. Oh my gosh can you even think what that would be like with 4 dogs in the bed.
They all have their own bed that we pull out everynight in the kitchen. Iris still likes to sleep in her kennel but it is in the kitchen area also. Sometimes we let Raven sleep in the living room as she is our baby and the oldest but not to often.
[QUOTE]•Sit/sleep on your furniture? Do they have their favorite piece of furniture? How many have leather couches? When did you first ley them sit on the furniture[QUOTE]
Answer.. Well we do allow the dogs to get on the couch or chair. not it is hard at our house because it is musical chairs most of the night.. usually 2 will sit with hubby on the couch, one on each side of him and then one will sit with me on the lounge chair. that means that one is always sitting on the floor or on the other chair alone. well, the dogs play this game of musical chairs all the time. Usually it is Raven who starts it.. she will want to sit with me and she will first put her head on the arm of the chair, well, the other dog with give her a look like go away i am sitting with Mommy, then Raven will whin,same sad look, then she will do something like go to the door or go get a toy or bone and the other dog will go to see what she is doing.. as soon as the other dog gets up, Raven will jump into its place and give the evicted dog a growl like hey if you are that stupid to fall for a dumb trick like that you loose your place and I win! Raven is pretty smart, she has been pulling this game since Spirit was a pup! and they all fall for it!!
Leather Couch!! you got to be kidding!! with Dogs!! all of my furniture is covered with sheets or some sort of cover to keep it looking and SMELLING some what nice.

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