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Originally Posted by Kratty
Do you let your doberman……

• Sleep in your bed with you? Do they sleep on top or under the covers? When did they first start sleeping in the bed? Or do they have their own bed?
• Sit/sleep on your furniture? Do they have their favorite piece of furniture? How many have leather couches? When did you first ley them sit on the furniture?
1. Yes, I have to admit, they sleep on the bed. We bought a King size bed specifically for that reason! We got Darmok when she was 7 1/2 weeks old and she was just so tiny and cute we didnt want her anywhere except right beside us! She slept on the pillows between my wife and I for about a year, and has since moved her favorite sleeping spot to under the covers at the foot of the bed--well, across my feet most of the time. I dont mind that at all--she doesnt hinder my movements when I need to turn over, and she is a great foot warmer!! Sasha used to sleep in the living room in a chair and she liked that--she had the 'sentenel' job of watching the front door! Remember in one of my other posts that I said she stares at the door all the time to see if her original owner (my brother in law) was coming back for her? But about a month ago she decided to make the break from waiting for him to show up and all of a sudden she wants to be my shadow. She would sit outside the bedroom door and whimper--she isnt a whimperer. So we let her in to sleep on the bed, too. She takes a huge leap in the air (similar to a gazelle!) and lands right in the middle of the bed, then solidly flops down and that's where she stays till morning.
2.Furniture? Sure. They get bathed regularly and dont have a bad smell, so they are allowed on the furniture. If one of them is in a chair that we or visitors want to sit in, we just tell them "get out of my chair" and both girls oblige without any further orders. We have a big cedar & foam filled dog bed on the floor in the living room, also, so sometimes one or both will lay down on it instead of on furniture. Had a vinyl couch that looked like dark green leather, but it got destroyed by the Rat terrier puppy & Sasha!!! Sasha is one of those dogs that pulls the stuffing out of all stuffed animals, and when the rattie chewed a small hole in the couch arm and Sasha saw that it was filled with the same kind of wonderful stuff that a teddy bear is filled with--it was all over! We got rid of that couch, and they dont bother the fabric one or the recliners at all.

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