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Well, for starters I didn't allow any of the animals on the couch. I've stuck by my own rule with all of them except Lexus.... <no seriously I don't play favorites!!> She was about a year old before I caved and let her up, but like Chi, she is ONLY allowed up by invite. And only myself or my husband invite her, kids do not. Generally she will never "ask" my husband if she can come on the couch, but me...all the time we sit on separate couches. I only let her up in the evening when we settle down to watch tv, and lately I have moved her bed out into the living room and have been making her relax on that instead. So she only gets on the couch every now and then now. I have a fabric couch and never let her up without a blanket under her either, our next couch will be leather so I won't worry about snags so much.

As for the bed, just twice I allowed it and will NEVER again!!!! I have never been forced to sleep in such a small area!! I don't like dogs in bed with me anyway, but it was an especially chilly night and we have hardwood floors in the bedroom, of course her bed is in there, but it was still really chilly, and the poor neglected doberman was shivering and absolutely BEGGING to get up! How could I say no?
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