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Someone who feeds Pro Plan may find this interesting. I once was feeding Pro Plan to my Dobermans and my (adult) bitch couldn't keep her weight on it. I literally had to feed her TEN, yes 10 cups of food a day to maintain her weight! I broke up the feeding 5 cups per meal and she acted like she was starving. The food never satisfied her hunger and never maintained proper weight. I never seen anything like this before with any food I had fed.

I then switched to "Canine Caviar" and got away from the Pro Plan. I was pleased to see that I reduced her food intake to only 4 cups a deal on the Canine Caviar and she seemed less hungry and her body weight stayed where it needed to be.

I then switched from Canine Caviar many months later after I saw such amazing results with Origen and Acana. I have now been feeding exclusively those brands for over a year now and feed my adult Doberman bitches no more than 2 1/4 cups a day with the best results of any food! Take it for what it's worth, but I am telling you, I will NEVER FEED PRO PLAN ANYMORE and I have like (literally) 3 tons (worth of food) weight circles sitting in my drawer.


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