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We got Gracie when she was a year old, she was crate trained already, as well as hosebroken.

She has a Great Dane size crate, she had a bed on the bottom of the crate so she wouldn't be on a hard surface.

Gracie viewed her crate as her bedroom, and just some place to get away from everything.

We stopped using it early this summer. At first she was a little scared that she was moving again I suspect but now she loves not having it. She can now sleep where ever she wants in the living room.

Gracie has only made 2 mistakes since we got her, none of them were her fault, she cries at night if she has to go out and we didn't hear her so she went potty in the house.

At night she cries, during the day she dances. Also if we don't get up when she starts dancing she rings the bell on the back door.

So far she only likes grass, dirt, and snow. She hasn't had to go on other surfaces except for those.

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