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My behaviorist didn't want me to use the prong because she felt Audrey would associate any pain with the other dog and that it would make things worse. That's why I use the Sense-ation harness (also because it reduces her power and she doesn't pull and walks really nicely on it). I do have a prong and also the newer swankier model by HS which looks like a metal necklace and haven't used them since the harness. But maybe I will put one on and have another lighter, shorter leash and use it if I need to if we run into a dog...and see if that works...
As is, like I posted just above, when there is no other dog around, she walks like a charm. Right next to me, leash is short but loose and she is relaxed.
Lexi sounds a lot like Audrey, but Audrey has given up on squirrels..but not on cats.

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