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Post Book List - Recommended Reading

Welcome to Dobermantalk’s list of recommended dog books.

Click this link to enter the website:
Dobermantalk Recommended Books List Tool Overview
This list has been organized using of a tool made by Click on the link above, and you will see the first page of the book listing. The books are arranged in alphabetized categories or tags as follows (Some categories are empty in anticipation of future title recommendations):

• Basic General Dog books
• Breeding/Puppy Raising
• Conformation Showing
• Doberman Publications
• Dog Psychology and Interactions with People
• Fun Tricks and Games for Your Dog
• Health and Feeding
• Obedience and Household Living Skills
• Obedience for Competition
• Other Sports—rally, agility, fly ball, dock diving, tracking, etc.
• Problem Behavior Management
• Protection Sports (European and American)
• Rescue/Shelter/Specific Behavior Concerns With the Adopted Dog
• Search and Rescue, Military and Law Enforcement
• Service and Therapy Dogs
• Specific Doberman breed books

Each book listing shows a picture of the book cover of the most current edition, the book’s title and the author. Clicking on the author’s name will take you to an information page about the author, while clicking on the book’s title will take you to a more detailed listing for that book.
Notice the reviews, some of which have been written by members of this forum. There are other minimized information bars on this page that you can access by clicking on those bars. At the upper right of the page is an link which will bring you to Amazon’s page for the book, which has more reviews and summaries of the book, other editions available and purchasing information.
Use the forward and back arrows to navigate from one page to the other.

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