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Transport Help Gastonia NC - Richwoods MO for DAN dog

**Permission to Crosspost with the exception of Craigslist**,
I am on several groups, but please contact me directly via email with any offers to help. I am also trying to find a pilot somewhere between the two that will fly part of the way, and will update accordingly.

Saturday 9/4/2010
Gastonia NC - Richwoods MO

Transport Coordinator: Jaimie Jachim
E-mail: [email protected], [email protected][}

All legs are flexible!

If you can assist with this transport, please contact me directly at ommlette @ comcast . net (no spaces) and please include the following information with your reply:
Full Name:
Driving Leg(s):
Home Phone:
Cell Phone:
Vehicle Description:
License Plate:
Reference (if you haven't driven for us before):

Sending Rescue: Doberman Assistance Network, INC
Currently in foster care in Gastonia NC
Contact Person: Jaimie Jachim
E-mail: above (please note no spaces
Receiving Rescue: Midwest Doberman Rescue
Location: Missouri

Passenger: Anna, 5 year old sweet and friendly doberman

Weig5t: 60lbs
Gender: female
Altered: yes
Personality: sweet and loving, but confused as to why her family who she's been loyal to for 5 years has turned her away.
Description: fawn
Reason for Transport: temporary foster to rescue/foster
Crate: not provided
Leash/Collar: please bring your own just in case.
Crate Trained: unknown
House Trained: yes
Car Riding Behavior: unknown
Vaccinations: yes
Health Certificate: yes
Known medical/behavioral problems: none known

*A few minutes have been left between legs for potty breaks and transfers.*

These are for Saturday 9/4/2010
Leg #1: Gastonia NC - Hickory NC: 7am-745, 37miles
Leg #2: Hickory NC - Asheville NC: 750-915, 77 miles, 1hr 20m
Leg #3: Asheville NC - Dandridge TN: 925-1055, 82miles, 1hr, 25min
Leg #4: Dandridge TN - Harriman TN: 11:10-12:25pm, 74miles, 1hr, 15min
Leg #5: Harriman TN - Cookeville TN: 1235-145pm, 63miles, 1hr, 5min
Leg#6: Cookeville TN - Joelton TN: 155-330pm, 100miles, 1hr, 30min
Leg#7: Joelton TN - Eddyville KY: 340-450pm, 78miles, 1hr, 10min
Leg#8: Eddyville KY - Jonesboro IL: 5pm-640pm, 88miles, 1hr, 35min
Leg#9: Jonesboro IL - St Mary MO: 650-805pm, 75miles, 1hr, 15min
Leg #10: St Mary MO - Richwood MO: 815-930pm, 66miles, 1hr, 10min
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