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What type of Veterinarian do you use and why? (Traditional, holistic), How often do you take your dog to the vet and why? (routine visits, emergency care)

I use a wide variety of vets for different purposes. Most are traditional. I only go to the vet for something that requires medical attention beyond what I can do myself. I give my own vaccines.

Are your dogs on the prescribed vaccination regiment they recommend? Do they get other vaccinations due to your environment surroundings? (Lyme disease, others)

No, I give vaccines much less often than most vets recommend. I vaccinate my young adults every 3 years, and my seniors I don't vaccinate at all. I don't give lepto, but I do give bordetella (even to the seniors) due to occasional exposure to it at shows/races.

What tests do you get done on a regular basis and/or have you established baselines to monitor there health?

I get all of the genetic health testing done relevant to the breed.

How do you treat wounds/injuries of your dog?(minor injuries like cuts and scraps) Does the vet do it all or do you do some your self? Do you have any type of training in emergency care of animals? Where did you get this training?

I treat minor wounds myself, including stapling. I worked for Gary Wood DVM (a vetny cardiologist) for a few years as a tech and was trained on the job.

How much faith do you have in vets? (believe everything they say, take recommendations under consideration)

They aren't any more omnipotent than you or I. I listen to them, but to believe everything that ANYONE says isn't very realistic. Breeders will have a lot more breed specific knowledge than a vet.

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