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Originally Posted by Kratty View Post
What type of Veterinarian do you use and why? (Traditional, holistic), How often do you take your dog to the vet and why? (routine visits, emergency care)
I am a Licensed Veterinary Technician and work for a feline-only practice. But I take Red there for physicals. I give vaccines at home since I do all the medical supply ordering for the whole hospital and can get the appropriate vaccines myself. When it comes time to neuter/prophylactic gastropexy, I will have to take him to another practice where my friend works since they are a mixed small animal practice. I will be able to watch and assist with the surgery if I want.

Originally Posted by Kratty View Post
Are your dogs on the prescribed vaccination regiment they recommend? Do they get other vaccinations due to your environment surroundings? (Lyme disease, others)
I have given Red 4 rounds of DHPP, the last one with Lepto (DHLPP). He will need 1 more Lepto booster to ensure proper immunity. He also got his rabies vaccine at 16 weeks. I give all vaccines myself at home. I have not done Lyme or Bordetella since his risk factors are not high enough for these vaccines at this time.

Originally Posted by Kratty View Post
What tests do you get done on a regular basis and/or have you established baselines to monitor there health?
Prior to neuter/gastropexy, he will have a full preanesthesia panel and vWD factor checked. Once he is 2 years old, he will have annual echocardiograms, screening labs, and thyroid panels. Once he is 8 years old, he will have annual abdominal ultrasounds in addition to the other annual testing.

It pays to work for a vet so I can have all this done for cheap!

Originally Posted by Kratty View Post
How do you treat wounds/injuries of your dog?(minor injuries like cuts and scraps) Does the vet do it all or do you do some your self? Do you have any type of training in emergency care of animals? Where did you get this training?
Being a Licensed Tech, I am fully capable of treating minor injuries, though thankfully I haven't had to treat any yet (except a small cut on his ear from the bandages scissors during unposting...). If he had anything other than a minor cut/wound, I would have one of my vets I work with examine and treat him.

Originally Posted by Kratty View Post
How much faith do you have in vets? (believe everything they say, take recommendations under consideration)
I have great faith in the doctors I work with. They are brilliant women. And having veterinary medicine experience myself, I an aware of most of the recommendations in regards to pet health.

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