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Originally Posted by Dobermasha View Post
I WAS feeding PPP Sensitive SS. I switched because other issues but we had NO gas
Peaches smelled like fish on the SSS

Originally Posted by Burns View Post
Pro Plan Selects Turkey & Barley.

Red has gas, but its not consistent... some nights he'll stink up the whole house, and some nights nothing at all. I think some of it has to do with the treats I give. He was somewhat gassy on other foods too, so I don't think its specifically the Pro Plan. Every dog is going to be different though.
The gas here is consistent. Peaches is back on raw 100% and she is gas free but now Zuko is blowing out the EXACT same smell. You cannot blame it on the dog because the dog smell is very very distinct.

On another note, I thought I made the option on the poll so you could see who voted on what but I cannot pull that up. I suck at making polls.

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