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Originally Posted by mistervaldez View Post
...I need to ask this question as it relates to the topic...

...during the crate training process...How long or how many hours would or should a dog stay in the crate for?...and I'll bring up a typical/general example...leaving for work, and returning 8-9 hours that gonna be too long...?...I would think it is...but I'm new to this...I want to make sure this is done appropriately...

I have a dog-run set up already in my back yard...but I don't know if I should send the pup outside during the day while we're going through the crate training process...would this be okay?...and I ask this question keeping in mind that I would like to be able to teach the pup how to potty in a certain locations while outside....working on one method at a do I give the pup the dog-run from the begining? or wait until they're ready?...

I'm sort of crossed-up between common sense, and an appropriate potty training this point, and without knowing...leaving for work and returning after a 8-9 hours seems too long, and feel like I'd be hurting the pup in the process...(keep in mind I commute to work, so I never come home for lunch)...I really wanna make this work for puppy...BTW puppy will come home around March 2010...
if it's a young puppy, 8 -9 hours straight in a crate is too long, for one simple reason they probably can't hold their pee or poop that long. Our experience has been 3 -4 hours in the crate max at one time and the pup needs to be let out for a potty break. This crate training will work best for you if someone is available to let the puppy out mid-day, at least. Problem you could face is the puppy relieving himself in the crate out of necessity, defeating the purpose of crate training. As the dog gets older, they can hold their pee longer amounts of time, but you have to work up to that. I wouldn't leave the puppy alone in an outdoor run all day for several reasons.
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