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So do you know them or something? I asked about each you asked about and they had documentation showing all was ok. I dont understand why you guys are quyick to judge. Dont get me wrong or anything but all Dobes need love. I drove up to New Port Richy to meet the dogs, the mother, father, and all the pups. I was impressed with the temperment and they looked great. How often do you actually get to do that. I feel better meeting the breeder, meeting the mother and father then just getting a dog shipped to me.

I may be wrong and maybe I am missing something. Unfortunatly i've alreayd paid for myt deposit and I am locked in to getting a wonderful dog. Can we debate nature vs. nurture with dogs?

Please tell me where i am going wrong. The only real thing I am concerned is to crop or not. :confused2

Originally Posted by dobegirl View Post
Clean bill of health, meaning what? Who was that from? Were the tests I mentioned before done? Again, please read this forum on buying a puppy completely.

I think you are blinding yourself with your excitement and setting yourself up for heartache. Caramella is right. If you read up on this forum and do some important research, you would run from these people.

I am in Palmetto.
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