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Hello from South Korea- US Military Contractor

Hello fellow Doberman Owners! First I'd like to say thanks for this forum! I've been a Doberman owner for a little over 6 years now. My previous Doberman died from left ventricle heart failure (10 Dec 2002-30 June 2009). It really tore me up to see him suffering the way he did. After he died there was a HUGE void in my life so I decided I need to find another good Doberman.

Being a US citizen living in South Korea makes it hard to find quality Dobermans. Nevertheless, I found a reputable Doberman Kennel (Crimson River Dobermans). 8 weeks ago they called me and said the litter was born. A month after the call I made the long journey out to the country and met with the breeders and Dobermans. I was very impressed! The Doberman Kennel where I bought my previous Dobe was very unsanitary and the Kennel building itself was mildly run down. Crimson River Doberman's had a very clean setup and you can tell that they invested a lot of time and money into their business and training. They screen prospect owners and they encourage you to participate in the Show circuit here in South Korea. They also double as a obedience/work/ and show school and help you learn how to be a handler in show. Immediatly next door is their Horse Stables with about 15 well mannered horses from jumpers/show and race and up the hill a little was a goat farm.. they love their animals!

I saw about 17 adult Dobermans, one pregnant female and one female who just had 6 pups a month earlier (the mother of my baby Dobe Anubis!) Every Doberman looked awsome! I wish I could take them all home! All the Dobermans were extremely friendly but still very confident. The thing I liked the most was the fact that the these Dobermans reminded me so much of my last friend, same type of build, strong sleekness and their faces were spot on.

Anubis found me. When they were showing me the available show quality pups, Anubis made his way towards me to investigate. We made a connection and I knew he'd be the one. This weekend I'll be making my long awaited trip to pick up Anubis, I can't wait! I've raised a Doberman puppy before but never with all the tips and tricks of the trade that I can learn on this site so thanks again.

I plan on training Anubis to run in the Show Circuit here in S.Korea. Apparently they have dogs that come from all over Asia to compete. At the moment, a Doberman in Japan is the #1 Doberman in Asia.

Well, I hope to meet fellow Doberman Owners on this site (hopefully some might even be living in S.Korea as well)!
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