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Originally Posted by Luv_my_Bruno View Post
We're in this process. Bruno LOVES to run free when we take him to an open field. But walking him is a different story. So I'm going to read some of these and soak in the info. Because I want Bruno to walk nicely by my side so I can walk him down town and in places where he won't pull. He does fairly well now. But I want him to ALWAYS stay by my side.

Anyone have any suggestions/opinions on the halti? We went to the pet store to get a choke chain for training Bruno. But the lady told us we were mean by doing so and to go with a halti? We got neither there. But later went to another pet store and got the choke chain, but rarely use it. Unless walking in big crowds. So I'm just wondering if anyone has any experience with the halti and if it's worth it to get for my Bruno

Hi, I am new but I have used the halti on my greyhound for years, she is immpossible without it. It works like a horse halter. when you pull they have to turn there head. You may get a little argumant about it at first but I love it. They have to stay right next to you and can't turn unless you lelt them. I have trained dogs for years and this is the easy way to teach heal.
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