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Originally Posted by Kratty View Post
I know this is a topic everyone faces, but really have not seen any discussions on this. So in the spirit of being a well rounded forum, I decided to address this topic here.
  • What is your preferred method of poop pick-up? (pooper scooper, glove and bag, etc) Pooper Scooper
  • Who is the designated pooper picker upper? (You, designated spouse, children, third-party vendor) Me
  • How often do you pick-up poop? (daily, weekly, monthly) What is the weight per volume do you estimate you remove? Daily
  • Do you inspect the poop for proper digestion of food or other reasons? Yes
  • Does your dog only use one specific area or is the whole yard used? 4 dogs with specific places
  • What technique or methods do you use to prevent lawn damage? I don't care it's their lawn
  • Do your local ordinances specify specific requirements to dispose of the dog waste? No
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