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I'd work on a long down stay with him, during the day, as part of his training, not at night (yet) when he's supercharged. Some dobes actually have to be trained to figure out how to chill. Once he's learned that thoroughly, you can place him somewhere comfortable, still in the room with you of course, and ask him to stay put instead of pestering you for exercise and attention. Giving him a treat to occupy him is nice, but it shouldn't be necessary every single time you need him to stay out of your face. Once you get past the stage where he is lying there staring at your every move (seems to me that's usually once he has learned to stay for about 5 minutes), he'll learn to just sack out and relax for a bit.

It's a nice tool to have when you're out and about too. I always found it nice when I was waiting in line at the pet store. I could just tell mine to lay down at my feet and wait patiently, which was especially useful when I was actually at the cash register, hanging on to what I had bought, getting it in and out of the cart, paying for it…all of those things where your hands are full, and you really want to pay attention to what you are doing, and you don't want to have to be continually dealing with a restless dog. It's useful when you're chatting with someone at your home or even when you're out and about, to be able to have him lie at your feet instead of continually asking you (and your guest) for attention.
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