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Which one of her bitches? I'm clicking around the website and I see no pedigrees or registration names aside from Pedro Z Padoku.

Who by the way, major red flag: according to their facebook page he has been deceased since at least July 25th 2019... he was born in May 2017, meaning he was barely two years old if that when he was deceased...
After some sleuthing they claim that he was 'poisoned in their front yard at a very young age'. My question is - why is he the only one who was poisoned when they have other dogs? But ok, even giving the benefit of doubt...

A major major red flag - Desoto was born in September 8th of 2018, that means Pedro was only 14 months when he was bred to their female Beatrix. For all the health testing, temperament/titling they claim to be doing, this is highly concerning for several reasons:
- 1st and foremost a dog cannot have his hips certified by OFA before the age of 2. Prelims are not considered a certification. A quick search in the OFA base and I could not find him. There is another P-litter dog in there, named Paco but has no siblings listed.
- 2nd cardiac testing is not worth much at that age. The vast majority of dobermans will have a normal heart at 1, 2 even 3. Problems don't tend to show up until later.
- 3rd, I personally don't think it's a good idea to breed dobermans under the age of 3 because they are a slow maturing breed both physically and temperamentally. Males especially have a much longer fertility window there is no rush to breed them and their temperaments can evolve drastically even from 2 to 3.
- 4th A dog needs to be minimum 15 months old to obtain a BH. Quick search online shows that Pedro was completely untitled before and after he was bred.
- 5th according to these planned litters they are also saying that DeSoto is being bred before he turns 2. DeSoto also doesn't appear in the OFA database, but they claim his health testing is all done and use the FCI Hip/Elbow scoring "A"... I'd like to know according to what country? Dog needs to be registered with an FCI registry, but he was born in the US, and I can't find a trace of him anywhere in any database, I'd be willing to bet he isn't registered which means hip/elbow certs can't have been done.

And this is only scratching the surface.

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