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My tick

Y'all will probably think that is a weird title for a Rainbow Bridge post.

I'm sad to say that we had to make the decision that no one wants to make, and say goodbye to our Moxie.

Most of you will know Moxie better as Richter's mom. She was also the mom to his siblings Jax, Angus, Lola, Sadie and Wicca - a very multi-talented group with titles in agility, obedience, lure coursing, nose work, barn hunt, rally, HITs, temperament and mad baby-sitting skills!

For me, Moxie was my tick. Tick was her nickname (and she answered to it) because she was usually embedded in my leg. She was a very snuggly girl. Not very discerning, she'd pretty much happily jump into anyone's lap. When she wasn't my tick, she was her brother's tick. I have had several sibling pairs but none like these two. Moxie loved Royal beyond belief. I have so many pictures of her lying on him, sitting on him, spooned into him ... I used to dread him passing before her because I just didn't know what she'd do without him. When we lost him suddenly (broken leg / osteosarcoma) in January 2019, it broke my heart to watch her track him the next day to where I loaded him into the car to take him on his last trip. But you know, she surprised me. She just got on with it. She kind of turned her attentions to Wicca, her daughter, but not as fiercely as she did with Royal.

I'm telling everyone that if you asked me 6 months ago if she'd be here for her 13th birthday in August, I would have said sure, easily. And then things just changed. She got hit out of the blue with idiopathic vestibular syndrome in January and then again in March. I'm not sure she ever really got over the second one. It definitely weakened her. A few weeks ago, she started hesitating to do stairs but with encouragement and a little hand if she needed it, she'd get it done. Then a couple of weeks later came the flat out refusals. Well, maybe not a refusal but definitely trying to tell me she just didn't think she could. I want to, mom, but I just don't think I can. So, a sling was made and we tried to cope. Then she started to drag her back right leg, and would walk on the top of her foot. And her rear started to sag. My husband would leave for the week and come home and just be shocked at how different she was in 5 days, and then another big deterioration in just 3 days away. She couldn't stand long enough to eat her meal, and it just became time. I truly hope that she and Royal are together again. I'm bringing her ashes home tomorrow and am sorely tempted to put her box on top of his rather than beside, because I just think that's what they would want.

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