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Thank you for the responses, it is in dog park situations. To be honest we don't particularly want to socialize him other than on leash manners with dogs and learning to ignore them anyways, the only reason we have been taking him to the dog park is because we currently are living in a smaller apartment until we move in a couple months so we have no yard for him. We make do with what we have, walks, and training, fetch, flirtpole, mental stimulation in the house but we still feel bad he can't just run so we take him to the dog park every so often during super low traffic hours so he can have that freedom but it always turns into the buttsniffing stuff lol.
Anyways, we move in a couple months and will have a yard so it shouldn't be an issue then but, thank y'all for the insight, we definitely have learned to stop him and put him back on his leash when he does this. We don't wanna risk any dog lashing out at him.
We do have playdates with dogs he's familiar with already and those aren't near as bad and he'll actually play with them. Quarantine has just put a halt to that for now but we will just rough it out for now Until we can get a good yard for him soon!
Also great point in is pupphood and size, I hadnt noticed until you mentioned that the larger he has gotten the more reactive the dogs he's sniffing has gotten. He's over 7 months and @ 70lbs now.
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