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Even though I'm kind of infamous for keeping mulitple males (successfully) I never, ever recommend it to other people.

I've been fortunate and very, very careful is part of the explanation and I've had more experience with reading my dogs than others.

And the last time I took any of my dogs to a dog park was when one opened up in an off the beat corner of a biggish Portland park and for the first 1/2 year it was open it was winter, rainy and not much known nor used. Since I lived across the street from it I went, with two intact Dobes and an intact Aussie before the sun even came up and the only person who was ever there at the same time was a woman with three greyhounds (two spayed bitches and a neutered dog). We eventually determined that one of my males at a time could run with her greyhounds and that worked out well and certainly gave my Dobes a running workout not to be missed. The Aussie ran with everyone and all of us left if any other dogs showed up.

And you were really lucky that you didn't sustain more damage than you did--never stick your hands into the midst of a dog fight.

I have used some unlikely things to try to stop a dog fight--there was one between Toad when he was young and brash and an older black male--Rumor. Since Toad was 15 pounds heavier than Rumor and an inch and a half taller he evidently thought he had some sort of advantage. But no one had told him that Rumor was a dirty little street fighter in a former life. I heard the squabble start--the three of us were out in the back yard where I'd been watering stuff early in the morning. I grabbed the nearest thing that came to hand (a perfectly useless plastic leaf rake) that was beside the back door and ran--they came around the corner of the house about the same time I got there and I got a couple of good licks in before Rumor grabbed Toad by the nose.

Toad wanted to give up at that point but Rumor was NOT letting go. I shoved the rake in between them and managed to get the slider open and when Rumor opened his mouth to get a better hold on Toad's nose I pushed Rumor inside and kicked Toad away from the door (not that he was at all interested in any more arguing with Rumor by the time).

After that when they went out together they went out in muzzles and I kept an eye on them at all times.

Rumor seemed to bear Toad no ill will (why would he, he won that fight hands down) and Toad was very respectful of Rumor after that was all said and done.

But I learned, when my very first Dobe was a 10 month old puppy and my mothers mutt and my stepdad's Boxer got into it and as I learned later given two dogs in a fight any other dog will be happy to join in. I was loading my car to leave for three shows in eastern Washington--the puppy launched himself into the fight and I did the stupid thing that everyone does at least once--stuck my hands into the three dog fight. I almost immediately got nailed on the wrist--by my dog thankyouverymuch--which did back him out of the fight. To my horror his head was covered with blood and dog spit--it turned out that the blood was from the Boxers mouth and when I was cleaning it off I also found an incisor that he'd left on the Dobes head.

By the time I got to my friends house to pick up her and her dog, my wrist was swollen to twice normal size and hurt like hell. That was the last time I stuck my hands into a dog fight.

So sorry it happened but boy, there is a real good reason that you find that we regularly harp about not taking your Dobermans to dog parks.


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