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I used the Koehler method for teaching heel, teaching the dog to pay attention, and not to pull. That is, when they lunge ahead, I abruptly about-turn and walk the other way, and when I hit the end of the leash they get a quick spin-around. The thing is, theres no jerking and yanking and the dog is actually correcting themselves, since if they were watching you and saw you turn, they wouldn't have gotten the correction. It works like a charm! I trained them with a simple chocke chain, no halti, no prong. But in public, unless I have more than one with me, they just use their regualr flat buckle collars and listen just fine. Everything that moves is a distraction, but they are all trained to listen and pay attention to me, ya know cause I'm so unpredictable with all those sudden about turns, lol.
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