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Originally Posted by melbrod View Post
Well, here's the facebook page:
"Doberman Ear Taping Methods "The Original""

Click on "About this Group" to get info on who they are and how you get access to their content.

There's another group listed on their page which might be helpful, judging from its title:
"Doberman Ear Taping And Posting"

They both say they are private groups?? But I'm not even on Facebook at all, so I'm not much help with navigating it.
I had to go and find a Facebook email in my email to find that Group.

I know I've told this story before. I've had a Facebook account since the stone age when no one had ever heard of Facebook. Someone posted what I thought was a link to a picture of a dog I wanted to see--so I went to the link and it required me to sign in or open my account before I could open the link. OK--I did that and jumped through a few more hoops and finally it let me in to open the link--which turned out to be for a video--and as you all know--I've had 'real' internet for less than two weeks--before that I was dial up which doesn't get video's longer than about 4 seconds. Later it turned out the mystery link I sign up for was very early Facebook.

So I went along just deleting everything that was Facebook until I started wanting to see some of the pictures being posted as links both here and on a couple of other dog lists so I started going to the library--in the course of looking at (mostly stuff posted here where the pic's didn't load) I realized that there was a list of Doberman related groups--mostly private, Mel. Did I even know what private meant--no, I didn't. But I guess I signed up for a number of the private groups including the one about ears.

Anyway--that's the extent of my participation on Facebook.

But the ear posting one has been informative from time to time. But do I know how to post anything to Facebook other than a reply to something someone else has put up a picture of (or about). No, I don't.

It's like Google--having had an email account with juno for over 20 years it's the only email account I know how to use. Now I have a gmail account and have found rather like trying to save yourself from drowning after the Titanic disaster when all you know how to do is a dogpaddle.

I don't know quite why anyone would be the least surprised that not only do I not know how to post pictures (if I knew how to use the camera I bought to take dog pictures) but it frightens me just to think about trying to learn.

For the record there is a very good video presentation of half posts that is different than the one that wasn't on Facebook that Mel found and I went to look at.

NOW, I'm going to take the nap I missed yesterday.

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