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It could just be an infection or skin irritation...and he might be a closet licker. Kip was good at licking when we weren't around and managed to keep his lick granulomas going for quite a while before we could get them under control. Every so often, something would flare up and he'd start with the licking--which we would manage to stop, with difficulty...until the next time.

Another thing to consider is whether it is a tumor. Kip developed a lump on his nail-bed (in the same area) which we watched closely, because he had already had a mast cell tumor somewhere else. Seems to me we had it removed before it became troublesome, almost on a just in case basis. I mean, I know we had sound reasoning behind that decision, but I can't remember exactly what symptoms what made us decide to remove it.

I'm wondering if your vet means to do a skin scraping or a biopsy if the swelling/irritation doesn't improve??

Anyway, here's some info from online:

"Three Potential Causes of Lumps on Paws

1. Infections caused by foreign bodies

If thereís a large knot, sore or lump on your dogís paw, this may be due to an infection caused by a foreign body. Cheat grass, plant material and thorns/stickers are common items Iíve found lodged in pet paws, and they all cause uncomfortable infections. Any foreign body is extremely agitating to animals and may cause abscesses in addition to lumps, which may appear knot-like. Typically, minor surgical removal is required, along with medication to help rid the body of the infection.

2. Lick Granulomas

A lick granuloma can form due to excessive licking, in which case youíll need to determine the underlying cause of the licking. Some common causes include anxiety, boredom and even arthritis. Your veterinarian and perhaps a behavioral specialist can help get to the bottom of the behavior.

3. Tumors

Some tumors may feel itchy and cause the dog to lick excessively, causing a knot-like appearance. Hydrocortisone sprays can temporarily alleviate the itchy feeling, but they obviously wonít get rid of the tumor. This is why itís extremely important your dog see her veterinarian for a proper diagnosis."

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