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Originally Posted by dobebug View Post
There is still a difference of opinion when it comes to extra teeth. Most vet dentists will tell you that it is genetic but much less common than missing teeth and generally most of the specialists believe that the genetics is not the same and missing vs extra are not caused by the same gene pattern.

I had a male who had extra molars--in the bottom--generally referred to as 'popcorn teeth' because they are generally smaller that the molars in front of them. Pat and Judy Doniere disagreed about how to evaluate extra vs missing teeth. Both of them judged that dog when he was being shown. Judy ignored the extra molars. Pat looked in his mouth and said to the handler (Michelle Santana) "This dog has two extra molars..." Michelle didn't miss a beat--she said "Make up your mind, Pat--the last dog I showed you had one missing tooth and you complained about that--now you're complaining about this dog's extra molars--make up your mind!" The expression on Pat's face was priceless.

How intriguing then that you've got an example of both in the same litter, and both bitches! As far as I know her finished littermate had 42. I'll never know for the others that went to pet homes.

Here the judge was Mr Ray Carlisle. He did not seem to be bothered by it nor did he fault her, and on the evaluation sheet he wrote that she had 42. The UDC permits up to 2 missing teeth, but since the standard is the same as AKC, it does not fault extra teeth, therefore I took it to mean that inso far as evaluating conformation the extra tooth was not relevant.

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