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Originally Posted by Artemis View Post
By the way I've seen Jazi's dog in action, he is a perfect example of blended european show and working lines, selected for strong working ability and correct breed temperament, and he is indeed an ideal (imo) medium size, trim and fit male. And I've got no doubt in my mind that he would be a HIGHLY effective deterrent in 99% of cases.
Always nice to get a compliment from a friend!

Because Creed is a service dog, I intentionally do not use him in any sort of personal protection capacity, and thus have no idea what he would do in a "real" situation. I do know he passed his WAC and ATT with flying colors, both on the neutral and friendly strangers where he was either aloof or happy to say hi and resume ignoring, and on the aggressive stranger when he ran at the dude screaming and shooting a gun ready to rumble. But as far as what he'd actually do once he got to the guy, I'll never know, because I won't put him in that situation.

In honesty he's really not that big of a dog. That's the size comparison of a right-in-the-middle of acceptable doberman male size vs a 6ft tall man. He is pure european and not a drop of american show lines in him and yet he's smaller than my friend's american male. That's the honest truth of things. Some of Creed's brothers are a little bulkier due to more bone, but none of them are the 100lb 30in monsters that a lot of crappy "euro" breeders like to advertise.

And no, not a lot of people will argue with this dog. Once again, he is not trained in any sort of real protection scenario- I'm really careful to keep his training sport-only and equipment based. Some of his siblings are more into that style of training and do well with it. I don't need or want a dog like that. I like playing around in bitework and having a dog I can walk into PetSmart right after and not have to worry about how he'll react.

But he comes with me when I camp in my car and no one's ever bothered me. They see him perk his head up and suddenly my car is invisible I've had cops compliment his temperament when they see us out and about. Even when working people are wary and respectful of my space (usually) when he's not even looking at them.

In complete honesty, having a big dog that does some basic obedience and isn't a complete mush with every single person they see will deter 99% of trouble. Those who aren't deterred... are also prepared to deal with what might happen if the dog does actually try to protect you. I always think of that breeder (AMERICAN show lines) who lost her daughter and daughter's boyfriend to a home intruder. The dog tried to protect them. She was shot, went down, and the intruder then killed the humans in the house. In the modern world, dogs simply do not take the place of having a gun and knowing how to use it. When trouble comes knocking, anyone not scared away by a dog knows they can just kill the dog to get to you. Dogs don't win against bullets.

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