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Our Ali girl started doing the same thing around 1 years old - Sweet heart till she was ready to go to bed - then all bets off - Ali slept with me her life , always at the foot of the bed - left side - If she was a sleep when I came to bed - well she was not a happy girl - growl sometimes - sometimes pop her teeth - really - she was mad at the world .

I gave this great thought - Why ? Wife and I watched her as I would lay down - it was more like I scared her - She was sound asleep - then woke quick - I think it was of a natural dog thing - what they would do in the wild - protecting themselves . I will warn you - that at this young of age - one night - they may make contact with yeah ( a light bite ) Ali got me one night - It was a cod winters night - she had curled up next to me near my upper side - I have no problem with that as I was cold too - then after we went to sleep - I must have rolled over some and she got me on the ear , talk about hurt + it bleed like a stuck hog - blood everywhere - Her and I had one good talk ! I put the fear of God into that little dog - from then on it never happened again . Maybe that was just luck - I don't know - but she was close to sleeping ever night of her life in a crate !

As Ali got into her senior years - this is sort of funny - she would just mumble around till I got to my position- roll over - 75 % of the time - she has sometime to say about it , but she never worried me - it was just Ali .

As Ali was getting into her short rows - My wife asked if she could sleep with her- I said sure - But - when she goes to sleep - don't mess with her - the next morning - Wife said you know - I barely touched her with my foot and she growled at me - I laughed and said that's just Ali .

As far as sundowners - Ali didn't have that - My dad has that and I know - ones human and the other a animal - if you have been around someone with sundowners - you will know what I'm taking about , its ugly !

I would do like the others have said - Maybe a good idea for a Vet check , I personally think its just the dog coming out in them that nature gave them - I try and watch who I let pet any of our dogs we have had - even thou - they all have been threw OB classes and act great - they are dogs and would never want somebody to trip there trigger and get bit - I have read about the most well mannered dogs - having a break down - from out of nowhere .

Doubt if this has answered your real question --- Why or what - yet this is from what happened with us .

Advice ? one of 2 things - end the sleeping in bed for both of your protection . Or make the problem one sleep at the foot of the bed and make sure everybody leaves it alone

Best of luck

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