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I don't think any of us are saying that ears are more important that fixing behavior problems; we're just stating opinions and advising strongly against sending your dog away for training.

1. Molding dog behavior to fit smoothly into a family has an owner component. The owner needs advice and training too.

2. Whatever training is done by a third person generally won't "stick" once the pet returns to his home. The owner without instruction won't be able to follow through effectively, and any bad habits the dog has will re occur.

3. Dog problems can be very place and occasion dependent. A dog with an out of the ordinary behavior problem needs to be seen where and when the behavior occurs, so the person providing education can know exactly what is going on and recommend ways which will address the problem appropriately.

4. You have no idea what a trainer is doing when you are not there if you've sent your dog to someone to train him. The methods a trainer actually uses to "control" your dog aren't necessarily the ones he claims he uses.

Obedience training is helpful in building bonds between the dog and the owner. If the owner isn't involved in the training, they're missing out on an opportunity to really get to know their dog.

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This owner MIGHT be able to fix an ear problem after the dog is 8 1/2 months, but that is not a sure bet at all. There is a reason you start posting right after the dog's ears are healed from cropping, and keep it up until they are standing properly. Ear cropping is expensive, and you put a lot of time into proper ear care, including posting, in order to get them to stand properly. It is much much less likely to fail when his ears are posted consistently.

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