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I don't get the gripe over having your pup boarded and trained over ear posting. Prioritizing behavior over aesthetic is, in my mind, the responsible thing to do. No dobi cool points lost in my book.

From what I've read and experienced, you have until around 12-months to manipulate the ears. After that, they're more or less done. So, she'll only be 8 1/2 months when you get her back. It's a set back but you still have plenty of time to work on them. I would post those puppies 24/7 for 8 weeks, evaluate and go from there.

My girl had a floppy ear-tip issue as well. Hers was due to a chihuahua friend constantly treating her ear as a chew toy (equal parts cute and frustrating). I was able to salvage it a few ways:

The base of her ears had healed up nice and firm, no longer needing external support. I trimmed a 2-inch backer rod, ran only 1 layer of reverse tape, and posted it to the top part of the ear. To keep it light and airy, I ripped the tape in half and taped only the top and bottom of the rod to the ear. Her ear was strong enough to hold this setup...this may not always be the case. I don't think breath right strips are strong enough for full support duty. You can run them under the rod...your choice.

Other tips/opinions. I found the most basic wound tape to work best. (I bought mine at target) It breathes a ton better than KT tape. I also made sure to anchor the tape always on the rod, not the ear. Attach it firmly to the inner exposed rod, run around the ear slightly snug, and then firmly to the anchor again. I did 2 loops because my girl was crazy.
And a lastly...possibly a dumb request...but would your boarder/trainer be open to making silly sounds to your pup as a replacement for not being able to post? I constantly made sounds to my girl...make her lift those ears up and train-up the muscles. I can't tell you if it helped (I think it did) but it certainly can't hurt.

Good luck!
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