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It does not sound to me that you have a very long list of desires other than a healthy puppy with a good temperament. There is nothing you are asking about that would favor American or European type. Since most of the frequent posters on the forum have American bred dogs, of course, that is what they recommend.

The main thing is to find an experienced and reputable breeder and know how to determine a reputable breeder from a fast talker. There are good and bad breeders of both types, but the pool of American type breeders is much larger than European breeders. You have been given good advice that if you can find a breeder that is local to you, they should be willing to help you should you need help throughout the life of the dog. This is difficult the farther the breeder lives from you. If they are not willing to help you for the life of the dog, walk away.

As far as health, yes, testing of the parents is a very good thing, but there is no guarantee. Even good breeders have dogs that do not all live to a ripe old age. I hope that you realize that 12 years is long than the average life span for a Doberman.

Good Luck.

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