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Originally Posted by dobebug View Post
Contact the vet school at Davis--I believe that the have been involved in some stem cell research with Dobes and DCM. Can't remember the name of the vet who was working on this
Dr. Estrada??

For the OP, I knew 2 people who did the stem cell implants for dcm with their Dobermans in Florida. That was pretty early on in the research, and I don't recall them having much success. IOW, the 2 Dobermans didn't seem to get any longer than they probably would have anyway, but I guess that's all kind of subjective because who knows how long they would have had without it.

However, speaking for myself, I have personally had stem cell implants into my knees for severe osteoarthritis. It was very expensive, and I got absolutely no relief from my pain. That said, as it was really expensive there was only so much of it I could afford. Perhaps if I had more CC's of stem cells, maybe I would have had a different result. And maybe not. I guess I will never know.

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